Understanding child safety seats, booster seats and seat belts for children

The correct use of seat belts, child safety seats and booster seats is the single most cost effective means currently available to reduce death and injury from motor vehicle collisions.

The Alberta Child Safety Seat Training Modules have been designed to provide information on the correct use of child safety seats, booster seats and seat belts for children to help ensure government workers, caregivers, and parents have the materials from which to make informed decisions to ensure compliance with the law and to incorporate best practices into the safe transportation of children in their care. A Certificate of Completion can be downloaded once the modules are completed successfully.

The modules will provide information on the following:

  • Child safety seat-related definitions
  • Engineered life space and collision forces
  • Why children need special protection
  • Choosing the right seat
  • Legislation & best practices
  • How to install a child safety seat
  • How to secure the child in the seat
  • Special circumstances
  • Resources and tips


If you are taking these modules to fulfill a work requirement, check to ensure this is the appropriate level of training required for your position. Information on Technician Level and Instructor Training Levels can be obtained by contacting St. John Ambulance. If you require a Certificate of Completion, this can be downloaded or emailed after successfully answering all questions.

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