General Information

When used correctly, child safety seats and booster seats save lives and reduce injuries. Children can get hurt if their child safety seats or booster seats are not used properly. Using a child safety seat or booster seat properly can reduce the likelihood of your child being injured or killed in a crash by as much as 75%.

Kids rely on their parents and caregivers to make every ride a safe ride, and you can do it! This site contains a wealth of information to help you make the right choices to protect your child in a vehicle. Find your baby or child’s age and weight and then click to learn more!

  • Rear-facing -  Birth to at least 1 year of age, 22 lb (10 kg) and walking.*
  • Forward-facing - At least 1 year of age, 22 lb (10 kg) and walking, to at least 40 lb (18 kg).*
  • Booster seat - For kids under 9 years of age who weigh 40 to at least 80 lb (18 - 36 kg), or are less than 4’9” (145 cm) tall.*
  • Seat belt - Children over 9 years of age, over 80 lb (36 kg), or taller than 4’9” (145 cm)*
  • Booster Seat Legislation Chart

* The manufacturer’s instructions and labels on each seat state the specific weight, size and/or age of child that the seat will protect. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your seat. The ages, weights and heights listed here are guidelines.

Do not rush to put your baby in a forward-facing seat. The rear-facing position is the safest. Some child safety seats are designed for rear-facing use up to 40 lb (18 kg).

Keep your child in a forward-facing seat correct for his height and weight until he is at least 40 lb (18 kg). Some forward-facing seats may be used with the 5-point harness up to 65 lb (30 kg).

For more information, see Tips for buying a child safety seat or booster seat or Education Sessions

RVs and Motor Homes

Families traveling with small children in an RVs or motor home often worry about using child safety seats or booster seats correctly in a bigger vehicle. A common question is, "How do I keep my children safe while traveling in an RV or motor home?"

Car Seats in Motor Homes gives information to help you decide how best to secure your children when you travel in this type of vehicle.