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AORP aims to provide up-to-date information to parents and caregivers to help them make safe choices for transporting infants and children.

Child Passenger Restraint Resources

These resources provide additional information on specific topics of interest to many parents, including the YES Test series in different languages. Show Resources

These resources provide the key information on safely buckling kids up from birth through school, including resources in 12 different languages.


These easy-to-use resources help you check that you’re using your seat(s) correctly. Choose and work through the YES Test for each type of safety seat(s) your child or children are using.

Rear-facing YES Test
Rear-facing Colour (pdf)

YES Test Supplement for Low Birth Weight Babies
Low birth weight suppl (pdf)

Forward-facing YES Test
Forward-facing Colour (pdf)

Booster Seat YES Test
Booster Colour (pdf)


Kids Need a Boost
Booster Seat Legislation Chart (pdf)

This series gives parents and caregivers additional information on buying and using child safety seats and booster seats correctly.

Tips for Buying a Child Safety Seat or Booster Seat (pdf)
Keeping Your Child Content in a Child Safety Seat (pdf)
The Tether Strap and Universal Anchorage System (UAS) (pdf)


Seat Belts Quick Facts (pdf)
Seat Belts on School Buses (pdf)


Simple one-page information sheets on child safety seats, booster seats and seat belts are available in many languages. If you are working with or know a family with young children whose first language isn’t English, these sheets may help.

For each language, there is a translated sheet for each of the four types of restraints: rear-facing, forward-facing, booster seat and seat belt.

Many people learning English find it helpful if you print the sheet with their language on one side, with the English version on the back. The English versions of the four sheets are listed first.

Rear-Facing English (pdf)
Forward-Facing English (pdf)
Booster Seats English (pdf)
Seat Belts English (pdf)

Aboriginal (English with Aboriginal illustrations)
Rear-Facing Aboriginal (pdf)
Forward-Facing Aboriginal (pdf)
Booster Seats Aboriginal (pdf)
Seat Belts Aboriginal (pdf)

Rear-Facing Arabic (pdf)
Forward-Facing Arabic (pdf)
Booster Seats Arabic (pdf)
Seat Belts Arabic (pdf)

Rear-Facing Farsi (pdf)
Forward-Facing Farsi (pdf)
Booster Seats Farsi (pdf)
Seat Belts Farsi (pdf)

Rear-Facing French (pdf)
Forward-Facing French (pdf)
Booster Seats French (pdf)
Seat Belts French (pdf)

Rear-Facing German (pdf)
Forward-Facing German (pdf)
Booster Seats German (pdf)
Seat Belts German (pdf)

Low German Mennonite
Rear-Facing Low German (pdf)

Rear-Facing Korean (pdf)
Forward-Facing Korean (pdf)
Booster Seats Korean (pdf)
Seat Belts Korean (pdf)

Rear-Facing Punjabi (pdf)
Forward-Facing Punjabi (pdf)
Booster Seats Punjabi (pdf)
Seat Belts Punjabi (pdf)

Simplified Chinese
Rear-Facing Simplified Chinese (pdf)
Forward-Facing Simplified Chinese (pdf)
Booster Seats Simplified Chinese (pdf)
Seat Belts Simplified Chinese (pdf)

Rear-Facing Spanish (pdf)
Forward-Facing Spanish (pdf)
Booster Seats Spanish (pdf)
Seat Belts Spanish (pdf)

Rear-facing Tagalog (pdf)
Forward-facing Tagalog (pdf)
Booster Seat Tagalog (pdf)
Seat Belt Tagalog (pdf)

Traditional Chinese
Rear-Facing Traditional Chinese (pdf)
Forward-Facing Traditional Chinese (pdf)
Booster SeatsTraditional Chinese (pdf)
Seat Belts Traditional Chinese (pdf)

Rear-Facing Urdu (pdf)
Forward-Facing Urdu (pdf)
Booster SeatsUrdu (pdf)
Seat Belts Urdu(pdf)

Rear-Facing Vietnamese (pdf)
Forward-Facing Vietnamese(pdf)
Booster Seats Vietnamese(pdf)
Seat Belts Vietnamese(pdf)


Alberta Transportation Child Safety Seats Brochure (pdf)
Car Seats in Motor Homes (pdf)
Transport Canada – Child Restraint Recalls and Notices
Transport Canada – Keep Kids Safe
Alberta Child Safety Seats Training Modules

Seat Belts for Teens and Adults

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The following resources can be used to teach about the Engineered Life Space designed into vehicles and the importance of buckling for every trip.

Engineered Life Space & Seat Belts (pdf)
A PowerPoint presentation developed by AORP in 2006.

AORP Instructor’s Manual (June 2006) (pdf)
A guide for presenters. Module 1 of this Manual gives teaching tips for a “Engineered Life Space & Seat Belts” presentation.

Drive to Survive
An educational video providing information on; types of collisions, collision dynamics, what is the engineered life space, how does it work during a collision, consequences of collisions. (video may take several minutes to load).


Enforcement Presentation (pdf)
Enforcement Presentation Handouts (pdf)
Three slides per page with space for notes.

Facilitator Guide (pdf)

Alberta Child Safety Seat Training Modules

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Alberta Child Safety Seat Training Modules
The training modules provide information on the correct use of child safety seats, booster seats and seat belts for children to help ensure government workers, caregivers and parents have the materials from which to make informed decisions to ensure compliance with the law and to incorporate best practices into the safe transportation of children in their care.

Option 4 Program

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The following resources can be used to teach Option 4 sessions for drivers ticketed for incorrect restraint of a passenger under 16 years of age. The same resources can be used to teach other groups about buckling children up safely from birth through elementary school.

Option 4 Session Set Up (pdf)
Protecting Children from Birth to Ten (pdf).
A PowerPoint presentation developed by AORP in 2006.

AORP Instructor’s Manual (pdf) (June 2006)
A guide for presenters. Module 2 of this Manual gives teaching tips for a “Protecting Children from Birth to Ten” presentation.

Option 4 Program Update (pdf) (March 2011)
Roadside Safety Check Guidelines – Child Occupant Restraints (pdf)
Roadside Safety Checks – Alberta Child Restraint Laws Reference Card (pdf)
Sample Recommendation for Withdrawal (pdf)

Public Awareness Campaigns

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Please visit this section of AORP’s website.

Related Sites

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Transport Canada
Governed by the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Act, Transport Canada’s Road Safety Directorate works to set national safety standards for the design and construction of safe vehicles and safe roads, as well as promote safe drivers and passengers. Topics of interest:

  • Aftermarket Products for Children’s Restraint Systems
    An aftermarket product is one that is designed to be used with the car seat but was not supplied with the car seat or by the manufacturer of the car seat. Many of these products could be considered a safety risk when added to an infant seat, a child seat or a booster cushion.
  • Airbag Deactivation
    Information on air bag safety and deactivation.

Alberta Traffic Safety Fund (ATSF)
ATSF grants are available to Alberta communities for traffic safety initiatives.

Parachute Canada
Parachute Canada’s (formerly Safe Kids Canada) mission is to lead and inspire a culture of safety across the country in order to reduce unintentional injuries, the leading cause of death among children and youth in Canada.

Safe Roads
The website of the Alberta Office of Traffic Safety (OTS). OTS provides an umbrella to coordinate and deliver programs that address traffic safety issues across Alberta.