Public Awareness Campaigns

Public campaigns and video clips from Alberta and around the world that support AORP’s key messages.

AORP Campaigns

AORP has used a number of creative public campaigns to highlight occupant restraints. Campaign have run in the spring and fall over the last decade. Depending on the campaign, audio, poster, print, bus tails and/or billboard pieces were developed to raise awareness of the correct use of seat belts, booster seats and child safety seats.

All AORP materials use the signature line, “What’s holding you back?”

Seat Belts March 2014 Campaign

Booster Seats March 2014 Campaign

Seat Belts March 2013 Campaign

Booster Seats March 2013 Campaign

Save a Friend – Web-based

Ugly – Radio and print

  • Ugly (Radio) – A 30 second spot featuring a surgeon trying to piece together an unbelted crash victim.
  • Ugly (Billboard) (pdf) – A graphic image of an injured man’s face with the tag line, “Without a seat belt, things can get real ugly”.

Child on Board – Radio, billboard and poster

High Risk Drivers – Radio

  • Crumple Mix – A 30 second spot emphasizing the safety of the engineered life space
  • Player Down – A humorous 30 second spot reaching out to male hockey players.
  • Treena – A suggestive 30 second spot of a woman buckling up, aimed at males who don’t wear a seat belt.

Seat Belt CSI (Crash Scene Investigation) – Radio

  • Leaving the Scene – A 30 second spot giving a news story about someone leaving the scene of a crash.
  • Part of the Brain – A 30 second spot taking a CSI-like look at a crash scene.

Booster Seat Initiative – Radio

Surgeon – Bus backs, posters and tear-off sheets

  • Surgeon (Bus Back) – A bus-back shaped poster used in urban locations, showing a surgeon ready to operate on an unbelted crash victim.
  • Large Surgeon (Poster) – A large poster showing a surgeon ready to operate on an unbelted crash victim.
  • Surgeon Tear-off – pamphlet showing a surgeon ready to operate on an unbelted crash victim.

Child Safety Seats – Radio

Other than Billy (Billboard, bus shelter image and poster)

Wasn’t Going Far/They’re Too Uncomfortable (Bus backs, posters and radio)

The following are videos that support the occupant restraint message.