Educational Resources

As professionals or parents, we can access and share resources to promote and increase the understanding of safe driving behaviours.

There are a variety of resources available in Alberta to teach about seat belts, booster seats and/or child car seats. Click on one of the following links to find information for the target group you are trying to reach:

Target Group: Parents and Caregivers of Babies and Young Children
(Includes ticketed drivers, day care staff, day home operators).

People who care for children want and need to learn about:

Please refer to the Parents section of this site or the Resource Library to learn more about these topics.

The following resources can be used to teach Option 4 sessions for drivers ticketed for incorrect restraint of a passenger under 16 years of age. The same resources can be used to teach about buckling children up safely from birth through elementary school.

Target Group: Parents of School-Aged Children
There is a lack of awareness among parents and caregivers about the critical role booster seats play in keeping kids safe during vehicle travel. A recent study by Parachute indicated that three-quarters of Canadian parents with children four to nine years old do not use booster seats. Of these:

  • 42% believed that their child was too big for a booster seat.
  • 23% thought that their child didn’t need a booster seat to be safe.
  • 19% felt their child was too old for a booster seat.

Booster seats are the safest choice for children who have outgrown their toddler seat (at a minimum of 18 kg [40 lbs]). For children under nine years of age, the Alberta government recommends that booster seats be used until a weight of 36 kg (80 lbs) or a height of 145 cm (4′ 9″) is reached.

Health and other professionals are in an ideal position to teach about the importance of booster seat use and address misconceptions. Use the following links to download booster seat resources to educate parents, caregivers and children about booster seats:

For additional resources, please visit the Resource Library.
Learn more about child safety seats here.

Target Group: Teens and Adults
The following resources can be used to teach about the Engineered Life Space designed into vehicles and the importance of buckling up for every trip: